As Creative Director at Coolblue I'm responsible for the interior design. At Coolblue we like to do things a bit differrent. Anything for a smile, as we call it. We think it's important that we show this when you visit us, not only in our shops, but also our in offices. So we have a lot of creative meeting rooms.

I got a lot of questions how we do it, so here's a peek into our process. 
All our exployees think along in the process. We use Uservoice to create a brainstorm with the entire company. Everyone can send in ideas for rooms and vote on the ideas of colleagues. We pick the most popular ones and see what we can do with them .

We start with the blueprint of the rooms and sketch how the themes would fit in. 
We always try to link the themes to something Coolblue does. For example, at the time we designed these rooms, we just started selling kitchen equipment and toys. "Naturally", we came up with a ballpit and a spinning tea cup. 
We then make blueprints for the custom made items we need, like spinning teacups and walls for the ballpit. We have a lot of creative contacts who produce this for us.
At this point, we  pick the floors because they have to go in first, and start ordering all the decorations. 
As a backdrop for the rooms, we decided on a Wreck-it-Ralph inspired background. We were on a tight schedule, so I designed these in a weekend. Because we needed the prints so large, we decided to create them entirely in Vectors (Adobe Illustrator).
Chocolate Lake
Lake Ontoreo. 
Candy Cane Swamp
To check if the illustrations are correctly aligned with the floor tiles and how they look in general, I use Photoshop to put them in the picture of the rooms that had just been built. 
When we're happy with the design, we order the wall prints.
We then have a couple of days when everything comes together. All the ordered items come in, and the wall prints are being put up.
We finish off the rooms ourselves, because who doesn't want to fill a ballpit ;-). 
Mixing it up is an important part of the process of ballpit filling. 
And in the end, it looks like this: 
So that's how we do it. Anything I missed, anything else you wanna know? Let me know. 

Wanna check it for yourself? Take a look inside our office with Google Maps.
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