Putting it together
We made an opening in the side of the frames so you can easily change the content.
Taking it apart
For transportation, the Tardis can easily be taken apart into 15 separate parts. 
Field test
The Tardis was first used as a prop for a Summercamp. 
It also looks good in your office.
So we found out that an extremely hot lightbulb and a plastic lantern don't really go together. Decided to rebuild the lantern in wood. And replace the lightbulb. 
Repainted the entire Tardis, added carpet and put felt on the interior panels
To be able to use the Tardis as a Photobooth, we added some wooden frames. 
Converting into home office / photobooth
The Tardis is currently in use as a home office / phone booth. So we added a ceiling fan, a desk and some power plugs.
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